Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness Care in Toledo, OH

Our doctors recommend a check-up every six months in order to get good baselines on your pet and catch any disease process early. This is also a good time to discuss concerns you may have with your pet. Our well checks consist of examination, immunization, intestinal parasite exam by centrifugation, and heartworm testing.

Doctors may also advise an owner on recommended blood work and other diagnostic testing best suited for their pet’s needs. The doctors will take time to discuss client concerns and recommend the best flea and tick prevention, diet, and nutritional needs, as well as behavioral and training questions.

Reynolds Road Animal Hospital believes annual wellness treatment is essential to keep your pet happy and healthy. Preventive medicine is critical to the health of your pet. We advise getting regular wellness checkups, vaccinating your pets regularly, and coordinating all aspects of wellness care with us.

During your pet’s annual physical, your veterinarian will do a thorough examination and go over vaccinations and general health. It’s critical that your pet undergoes regular wellness exams, just like you do with your physician. Our specialists will inspect your pet from head to tail throughout these appointments.

Small amounts of altered or “dead” viruses, bacteria, or other disease-causing organisms are present in vaccines. When given, they encourage your pet’s immune system to develop antibodies and disease-fighting cells that can defend against such illnesses. During the wellness examination, we suggest vaccination schedules based on your pet’s age, breed, and species.

Veterinarian with a White Dog