Veterinary Services

Pet Laboratory in
Toledo, OH

We offer the latest in lab diagnostics for our patients. Blood analysis is used to asses organ function or to check for diabetes, kidney disease, heart worm, as well as feline HIV and feline leukemia. We have fully operational in-house lab machines. Our staff can run a complete blood count in 3 minutes. All blood work that is sent to the outside lab usually has a 24 hour turn around time and sometimes even 12 hours.

We also offer specialized testing for things like allergies, or fungal infections. All the blood is drawn by a licensed technician or doctor and is properly handled to get the results we need. We also offer microscopic testing for fungal and bacterial infections, examining urine, skin scraping, and ear cytology. Assistants and technicians can also use the microscope to check for parasites in blood and fecal matter. They are caring and make the procedure as painless as possible for our patients. We strive to treat our patients as if they were our own pets.

dog laying on bed