Pet Loss Support
& Services

Here at RRAH, we understand that losing your pet can be one of the hardest things to deal with. We hope the information provided below will help support you during your difficult time.

We work with two companies for patient’s aftercare. Paws and Remember is locally based here in Toledo. If you have any questions regarding an estimate or need further assistance regarding your pet’s care, please call us in the office at (419) 531-5589.

Paws and Remember

Paws & Remember is a local company that works to help pet owners in a time of mourning and reflection. By bringing together support services and memorialization options, Paws & Remember helps pet owners cope with loss and honor their pets in an appropriate, meaningful way.

Private Cremation

Pets are privately cremated and returned to their owners, within a week, in a light colored wooden box. The Basic Plus Package also includes engraving on the box and a clay paw print with your pet’s name engraved.

Common Cremation

Pets are cremated in a group, with other loved pets. Their ashes are then buried at Paws and Remember’s Memorial Garden.

Pet Urns

Paws and Remember offers a wide variety of Urns and Packages. They also have jewelry, beads, and pendants available. Please ask us and we can supply a brochure for you.

Phone Counseling

Tina Ferner: Canine Karma (419) 290-8237

University of Tennessee (865) 755-8839 Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm

Iams Pet Support Center & Hotline (888) 332-7738 Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm EST

ASPCA Pet Loss Support Hotline (877) 474-3310