Veterinary Services

Pet Surgical Procedures in Toledo, OH

Our doctors perform a wide array of surgical procedures. The surgeries include routine castrations and spaying to specialized surgeries like entropion and soft palate surgery. We have doctors with years of experience in orthopedics which will perform ACL surgeries such as Extracapsular and Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA).

The doctors perform patella luxation repairs, fracture repairs, femoral head osteotomy, and amputations. We take every precaution possible with surgical procedures, recommend pre-surgical blood work, and then the doctor will choose the safest anesthetic for your pet. We use isoflurane and sevoflurane gas. Our licensed technicians monitor the patient’s vitals, EKG, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse ox, temperature, and capillary refill time. They also scrub in for surgeries to assist the doctor in any way needed.

Pet Surgical Procedures